Embryo Export


We have been successfully coordinating small stock (sheep and goats) flushing for the past 15 years. RAMSEM has exported embryos to Australia, Canada, Brazil and Argentina.

You may be rest assured that your embryo order will be processed quickly and the shipment will be delivered safely to you.

Embryos are an efficient, cost effective and safe way to move genetics throughout the world. Thanks to cutting edge research, embryos that are processed according to the International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS) standards by certified and accredited practitioners can be exported to various countries across the world. IETS washed embryos pose zero risk for the transmission of any known disease, including BSE and foot and mouth. The washing of the embryos with outer shells (zona pellucida) that are intact with an enzyme called trypsin, removes any potential viral and / or bacterial agents. Only embryos that are processed in approved laboratories by embryo transfer practitioners that are certified and approved can be exported. To maintain export status, the embryos must be stored under the direct supervision of an approved embryo transfer practitioner.

If embryos are produced for a specific market, you should have your embryo transfer practitioner check on specific requirements such as donor testing and special semen qualification.