Bull Semen Collection Station

During mid-2015, RAMSEM established a new bull semen collection station just outside of Bloemfontein. This centre was built strictly according to the export standards and is registered with the Department of Animal Improvement and Animal Health.

The laboratory  is equipped with the latest technology from IMV in France in regard to semen processing. Each bull is assigned an RFID tag which is linked to a software system. This system ensures traceability in terms of each collection being followed via a code and stickers up to the point of the freezing of the semen.

Each straw is printed by means of a sophisticated inkjet printer and reflects a permutation of information according to the requirements of the customer.

The semen is frozen according to a pre-determined freezing curve, allowing for the optimal preservation of the semen. Every batch of semen is then put through a rigorous “after-thaw” test to ensure a high degree of quality compliance. Facilities are available for the storage of frozen semen.

Comprehensive blood tests are done and therefore semen may be collected according to the various export protocols.

General health of the bulls is closely monitored and, where necessary, there are veterinarians available for expert advice and treatment.

Bulls are weighed monthly and are maintained on a speciality diet, consisting of Bull semen Fertility pills as well as roughage.

RAMSEM is also a service provider for the collection of semen for Taurus-Evolution and CRV.